First post, taking a journey

I suppose I’ll start with a little about myself, should anyone actually read this.  Here I hope to detail and document my experiences in miniature war gaming, my philosophies,  reviews of the games and models used,  and general musings on where this hobby has taken me.  

The games I’m going to be focusing  on will be Warmachine/Hordes, Mercs 2.0, Malifaux,  X-wing, and occasionally Warhammer 40k.

My gaming experience began one summer afternoon when I was 15. My friends older brother was playing a game of second edition 40k in his garage and the table was incredible.  Forests, a river,  a mountain at one end,  all rendered with incredible detail. The armies were Eldar versus Blood Angels with Storm Trooper allies. Every model had a story and the game was about telling that story. For me, that’s what the game has always been about. 

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