Riding out the Storm.

This weekend my chunk of the world was supposed to get hit by some of the worst wind and rain in over 30 years. My hope was that as long as the power didn’t go out the whole time, I could use the excuse to stay indoors to get work done on my Cygnar.  Perhaps inspired by the impending mini hurricane, I finished both Elizabeth Maddox and my Stormclad, as well as getting the last touches on Jeremiah Kraye.  I have to say I’m quite happy with the progress, and the fact that we only had some heavy rain and wind for a brief part of Saturday. The storm of the century was sadly…not.

Friday I also had an opportunity to test out some of our groups Journeyman League lists that we are going to be using in January.  I faced the Convergence of Cyriss led by Forge Father Syntherion. This was my first time against CoC personally but I had seen his list in action so was slightly forewarned of what I had in store.  

Our objective was the 12 inch control area in the center, needing to hold it for 5 turns or assassinate the enemy warcaster. I advanced aggressively, which I think put him too much on the defensive. I maintained control of the point while dismantling him with electro-leaps and systematic charges. In the end Syntherion was alive and well but his battlegroup was all but annihilated. I’m quite happy with how the entire list worked, although the format of the journeyman league forces a few less than optimal unit selections. 

 That being said I definitely have respect for the Convergence. True to their theme, they really do create a force much greater than the sum of its parts. The key to my victory was breaking apart and disrupting that synergy.  Had I failed to do that, I believe he would have been able to win by caster kill. 

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