Journeyman League week 1. How tough is Ragnor?

Answer: tough enough.  Week one is done, sadly I only had time for one game but what a game it was!  The gaming store had over 18 players attend the Saturday league time, but since I was out of town I went to the following Wednesday games. A more modest attendance, but I still counted 9 players including myself.  

I had my choice of Legion of Everblight, Khador, Skorne, Menoth, Cryx, and two Trollbloods (red or green trolls). I went with red trolls and got right to playing. My opponent was a fellow named Connor who I’ve never met before clearly has a good grasp of trollbloods, as well as having played my faction, Cygnar, in the last journeyman.  He won the roll off and had me go first. 

Since this was week one, our lists were basic. Maddox in my corner with an ironclad, lancer, and firefly against Ragnor Sky-splitter and his axer, impaler, and bouncer.  We proceeded to dance around each other uncertainly for a couple turns, testing each others defenses.  I used the center building as cover against clear changes and his impaler, and he responded by backing into his deployment area and making extensive use of dig in from Ragnor. He also did a great job of keeping everyone 4″ apart to prevent me from electro-leaping effectively.  

After finally getting into shooting (zapping and spear throwing) range, we both preceeded to miss or deal no damage whatsoever. I’m not sure what his impaler was aiming for, but it definitely wasnt my warjacks…We finally grew either bold or bored enough to engage, and I traded my firefly for his axer via the inonclad. His bouncer made short work of my lancer, but was then taken out by Maddox on her feat turn. Ragnor decided to charge the ironclad, missed horribly on his first 3 attacks, before finally getting a knockdown. Maddox joined the Ironclad in combat against the troll warlock, and he was immediately smashed down to a single wound (on his feat of course, and on his feet thanks to the steady rule which stopped me from my own knockdown attempt. He then tried a hail Mary shot with his impaler at the engaged ironclad, missed, and shot his warlock in the back! 

His dice were against him most of of the game, and fortunately they rolled low again to damage Ragnor. It’s good too, as we were unsure who would get the win points for a self caster kill…

At one wound and no fury, Ragnor proceeded to make tough roll after tough roll, shaking off the combined efforts of both my ironclad and a fully loaded Maddox. It rolled around to his turn and he won by crushing my last warjack and achieving the scenario objective. 

The game began slow, and escalated into one of of the most extreme displays of wild dice rolls I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. I can only hope the rest of the league is as fun and that my games are against players as fun to battle.

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