Journeyman League Week 2: Skorne and Circle

Welcome back to the continuing adventures of a nerd trying new things!  The journeman league has been a great success for me, not exclusively in the area of victories of course but in regards to playing more games against new opponents. Week two saw Major Beth Maddox face off against Beast Master Xekaar of Skorne and Tanith Feralsong of Circle Orboros.

 First of all, for week two you are restricted by only having 10 points to spend and having to spend them in battlegroup. This means that barring a couple factions you will be adding another light warjack/warbeast.  The one you choose at this point is pivotal, as you must live with this choice for a further 4 weeks.  In our preparatory games I went with the Sentinel, essentially an 8 point shield guard that happens to also have a chain gun on it that may or may not ever see use.  At the last second I deviated from my previous pattern and took a 9 point Minuteman instead. The reason came down to simple aggression. The Sentinel is a defense piece, and if I have noticed one bad habit I have in Warmachine it’s not being bold enough. The Minuteman however is pure aggro.  He wants to be in the opponents lines as fast as possible, and everyone else had better keep up.  Was it a good choice? We will see…

Our first game saw Maddox squaring off against Skorne in a delightful Cygnaran village square. My opponent had taken a Cyclops Shaman as his new beast, and we both moved towards the middle.  Xekaar has a useful deterrent in his feat, dropping the most useful stats on all the enemy models for a round.  I made an error at this point, by activating my own feat to counter.  My thought was that I would negate the -3 to my own strength stats by using Maddoxs +3, but the -3 to hit proved my downfall and I managed to achieve next to nothing of merit that turn, ending in my defeat not long after.  In hindsight I should have backed away until the feat expired, and then countered with my own. In this game, there was no objective other than destroying the opposing battlegroup, so a one turn retreat would have had no real downside, and next time I fight Xekaar I’ll remember that (hopefully).

Second game of the week would see me fighting Druids in the forest, which was probably not the best idea. Tanith had chosen a Scarsfell Griffon for the new model. My battle plan was just to try and land hits, as circle defense proved to be quite high. I think my opponent misjudged my familiarity with my units, as he left himself in a number of disadvantageous positions.  I began to unravel him beginning with a throw from the Minuteman that rearranged his battle line, and allowed plenty of opportunistic electro-leaps.  Tanith attempted a hail Mary assassination attempt on Maddox but fell short due to low dice rolls, and I finished off his beasts to win by scenario.  So far, 50/50 for the week, but over all 1 win, 2 losses.  

Up next will be my recap of week 3 where I try my luck against the iron might of Khador!

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