Journeyman Week 3: The Iron Might of Khador 

Back again with another mostly exciting battle report from the mean front lines of minature gaming in the Pacific Northwest!  For week three I only managed one game, as all the tables were taken by the time I arrived for the first round. I played cheerleader for the other two members of my gaming team while I waited my turn.  When a spot opened, I found myself facing Mike and his Khador led by the Viscount of Scarsgrad, Lord Koslov.  Mike had added a Berzerker and a Destroyer, both heavy warjacks…but considering that’s all Khador has, it’s hardly surprising. For my week three choices, I added a minimum unit of Storm Lances and a minimum unit of Field Mechaniks. My usual pick for 3 points is the minion solo Lanyssa Ryssyl but in the recent errata she was upped to 4 points, so here we are with a unit I have NEVER used before. On to the report! 

Here you can see the opening maneuvers of the game, with my Storm Lances deployed along the flank and mechaniks following close behind my jacks. In hindsight I feel like the cavalry should have taken the opposite side and dealt with the Berzerker. It’s lower armor would have proven easier for them to crack and they may have contributed more against the battlegroup as a whole. 

  Koslov and the boys in red moved up directly to oppose me, and I decided to let the lances out to see what what they could do.  Perhaps prematurely I also triggered Maddoxs feat to give them the damage bonus against his armor.  The rest of my battlegroup advanced tentatively in preparation for the next turn but stayed out of the shorter Khador charge ranges. The lances charged the Juggernaut and Decimator, and proceeded to knock heavily on the Juggernaut with power 17 attacks and beat back, but neither jack was damaged too heavily to respond.  The thing is, I figured they wouldn’t achieve much more than they did.  There wasn’t much my lighter jacks could do in a mosh pit with 4 Khadoran heavies, so I cut the army in half. While the Storm Lances didn’t kill the two, they did manage to stall them some distance from the real action.  It took two turns for the cavalry to be wipes out, thanks to Dauntless Resolve which upped their armor and gave them tough rolls to stay in the game.  

  Amazingly, the game came down to the failure of the Berzerker and the success of my 3 point Mechanik unit.  The Berzerker loaded up on focus and destroyed my Ironclad, the only significant damage dealer on my side. Doing so resulted in it exploding due to its unstable rule. The blast from this damaged Koslov, so my opponent used one of his two remaining focus to negate it.  On my turn, I used all 4 repair rolls on the beleaguered Minuteman, jumped over Koslov, and used a combination of flak field and rear shots with the slug guns to take him out of the game.  

  Current standing: two losses by scenario, one win by scenario, and one win by caster kill.  So far the Minuteman has been well with his cost, contributing significantly to each game he was in, and the mechaniks facilitated the win against Khador.  Next week, we change warcasters, add 25 points, and fight against the Retribution of Scryah and another run at Khador!

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