6 Months in Review

First of all I apologize for not finishing my Journeyman League review.  I will summarize to the best of my ability as it’s been quite some time since it ended.  During week 5 I was only able to get in one game if I remember correctly, and if I can figure out the details of it I’ll add them here.  Week 6 would have been my final showdown, and I had intended to challenge Connor, my opponent from week 1.  I was unable to make it the last Saturday of the league, but fortunately week 6 would extend until the following Wednesday.  Quite UNfortunately, and unbeknownst to me, the store owner had a previously scheduled medical trip that day and there was no games to be had and I was unable to get any games in for my final week.  We had a last hurrah the following weekend where we got the ending scores, crowned a victor, and took pictures of the armies that participated so that was good.

The next couple of months were spent playing This Is Not A Test by World’s End Publishing and it was a blast!  I highly recommend it to any fans of Fallout, Necromunda, Tank Girl, and the post apocalyptic genre in general.  That led us up to the beginning of summer where we planned for Lock and Load 2017!

Our original plan was to play in the Champions Tournament on Friday, which if you are unfamiliar uses the Active Duty Roster (ADR) set up from Privateer Press.  The casters I had the most experience with, Maddox and Kraye, were both currently in the ADR and I had planned to take them.  My friends that were attending also ran ADR casters so it seemed to be the perfect set up.  The advantage to playing ADR is that there is a much smaller pool of players to be set against.  Masters format had 128 spots in two brackets, with any caster combinations allowed.  Champions however capped out at 64, and was much more restrictive.  None of the top tier casters were represented, and it was a great opportunity to run dark horses against other people willing to try more niche units.

The problem arose when I checked the ADR schedule and according to Privateer Press’ website, the season would change a week and a half BEFORE Lock and Load, and there was no way to know who would be in the new line up!  I emailed them to double check my suspicions and they confirmed the dates were correct.  I quickly alerted our group and we all set about reselecting our tournament choice and we all moved to the Masters group.  I still felt that this wasn’t the best place for us considering our lack of experience with tournaments of this size but didn’t see much alternative at the time with the information I had on hand.

Imagine my chagrin when a few weeks later, in advance and in lieu of Lock and Load, they announced that the ADR lineup would stay as it was until the week AFTER the event!!!   We were already committed to our decision however, and unaware if it was even possible to switch back.   Next post I’ll tell a tale of battles won, friends made, and swag hauled in at Lock and Load 2017!!!

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